BouNom (“BOO-nam”) is a celebration of family.

We are two sisters who love to travel the world. From our travels we have brought home the very best of French-inspired baking to share with you!

We inherited our love of travel from our parents, Nom and Bounlieng (Bou for short). Back in 1981, Bou and Nom traveled over 9,000 miles to the United States as refugees from Laos, a former French colony, and settled in Texas. They brought with them not only grit and determination (and 5 toddlers), but also a love of French cuisine. BouNom is a tribute to their spirit.

Growing up in Texas, our mother Nom, always baked with the best ingredients she could find. Our promise is to do the same. We source only the finest ingredients in everything we bake.


Chan Graham is BouNom’s Executive Chef and Co-Owner. She is a classically trained chef, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts and an M.B.A. in Finance & Marketing. Chef Chan rises before the sun each day to curate BouNom’s baked goods, all of which are made from scratch, by-hand, and are baked and sold daily. Chef Chan also creates each of the flavors in BouNom’s specialty drinks from fresh fruit, flowers, and other natural ingredients. In her spare time Chef Chan loves to explore local hiking trails.

We invite you to check out our menu online, or come in and try our delicious pastries, and you’ll see and why the Valley Press named BouNom “Best Bakery” in 2020. At BouNom, we are all family. We look forward to serving our community, one pastry at a time.

Merci Beaucoup,
Chan and Khamla

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